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Equipping Women in Leadership and Pastor’s Wives in Leadership and Pastor’s Wives for personal growth, healing, wholeness and purpose for GODLY balanced living.

All monetary gift donation goes towards mentoring, speaking engagements, etc. 

Our vision is to transform and empower women in ministry Leadership and Pastors wives by the gospel to lead a Christ like life. 


Welcome to Inner Healing Ministries
where there is room for growth

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Women Empowerment

To empower women in ministry leadership and Pastor’s Wives to seek a higher level of spiritual maturity in Christ though knowledge of biblical principles and doctrine.


Provide Instruction and Encouragement to lead women to spiritual maturity by equipping them for service. (Isaiah 61:1)

Minister in Healing

To minister to the needs of women in ministry leadership and pastor’s wives and cultivate a spirit of unity. 

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Tampa: 1-813-736-0570

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